Only a best curling iron can give you the perfect hair curling style as you desire. There are lots of curling irons available in the present market, but for getting an attractive hair style, you need to pick an iron that really works smoothly. The size of the barrels of the curling iron is the most vital issue in order to curl your hair in a certain style.

In order to apply a proper curling method, you have to consider your hair types & the curling style you want to do. Everything will go smoothly if the curling iron you choose is the best one. So, the best curling iron is really essential for perfect hair styling.

Mainly there are three kinds of hair irons in order to change your structure & style. These are curling iron, straightening iron and crimping iron. The straightening irons are used for straightening the hair and the crimping irons are used for creating crimps of the expected size in the hair.

Here, we are concerned with the curling iron that is used to make the hair curly and will see how a best curling iron provides you the most lucrative look of your hair. It also known as the curling tongs and used to create waves in the hair using a variety of methods on the different hair types. It comes with different size of barrels, usually from 1.3 cm to 5.1 cm. The smaller barrels generally make the spiral curl that is called ringlets and the larger barrels are for giving shape in a general curl.

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Cortex 4in1 Pro Ceramic

T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing


Sedu Clipless Revolution

Sultra the Bombshell Rod 

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Barrel: ceramic tourmaline

Barrel: ceramic 

Barrel: Extra-smooth tourmaline 

Barrel: ceramic

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Types of Curling Iron Available On Market

There are many other types of curling iron available in the market. They are able to make different types of hair curl as you want. On the basis of their curling ability, they are in a variety of types. You just pick the best curling iron up for curling your hair as you desire. Following are the most common types of curling iron available in the marketplaces;

Spring curling iron

If you are newly starting the curling program, you can choose the spring curling iron. It is easy to use and quite accepted curling iron type. Its spring action clip keeps a firm hold so that you can do a simple styling with the available widest selection of barrel sizes.

Clip-less Curling Iron

With a little bit of practice you will be able to habituate on the Clip less curling iron. When you are comfortable with this curling iron, you will get handful opportunities for curling your hair. You will be able to end the curling your hair with less damage and wrapping it around the barrel. It is good for getting close to the roots and available in a variety of shapes with a heat proof glove to protect your hand. So when you search for a best curling iron, you can purchase the unique one.

Marcel Curling Iron

As a curling iron produced for professional stylist, the Marcel curling irons are more difficult to use than the spring and Clip-less curling irons. You may only use it unless you are seasoned pro. Though it is comparatively hard to use, the Marcel with two handles provides extraordinary styling control and ability to create speedy curl as well as you can get a salon quality result.

Spiral or Ribbon Curling Iron

For spiral or ringlets style of your hair, you can apply the spiral or ribbon curling irons. You will be able to curl your hair simply and quickly. To reach close to the roots you can use a tapered version and with this you will get the romantic curl.

Multi-Barrel Curling Iron

Among the multi-barrel curling iron, the double barrel curling iron able to create a figure-eight type loops and triple barrel press the hair into beachy and flowing waves. If you want faster styling, you should use the multi-barrel curling irons that are able to press big sections of hair.

Barrel Size Matters: Various Barrels Size Available for Different Purpose

The curling irons have the various sizes of barrels and the barrels are able to create the diversified look in your hair style. The two inch barrel iron used for nice rounding bend at the last part of the hair. To make blow out the long hair you can use the two inch barrel iron. It is able to give your hair the even rounder and bouncier look when you use with some hairspray and large clip. To show layers onto your hair you can apply it with curling and setting in different directions.

The barrels of one and half inches can create a great voluminous curls. You need to set the hair by holding light hairspray over the hair. If your hair is too long you can use the size of barrel of iron. It is quite suitable for those who sporting a heavy side part and wanting to pair it with soft and big curls.

The widely used curling iron is with the barrel of one and a quarter inches. For curling your hair, leave out the ends with adding water based pomade at the root and use light setting spray. By curling the hair with this barrel size you will get a very beachy wave.

If your hair is medium or has shorter length, then the curling iron with a barrel of one inch will be perfect choice for you.

You need to brush the hair with a soft brush and hold by large duck bill clips for getting the wave in a certain area of your hair. The barrels of three quarter inch are perfect for vintage inspired hair and up-dos. You have to remove the clamp and wrap curl for this spring like of curl. The curls look like very small but widen up when you keep brushing. It will give you great texture to a chignon.

Beside, these there are some smaller size of barrels for curling the shorter hair. If your hair is as short as the above discussed irons are not perfect for your hair you can try the iron of 5/8 inch and 3/8 inch barrel.

Recommended Curling Iron For You

There are various types of curling iron available in the market with different qualities. For getting well and an attractive hair style you must have to choose a best curling iron. Following are the most work worthy curling iron currently available in the market;

1. Cortex 4in1 Pro Ceramic Curling Iron Set

Cortex 4 in 1 curling wand Pro Ceramic Clip less Curling Iron Set is one of the best choice among girls, it’s highly able to give you stylish-hair look. Cortex is a renowned brand of hair care products and they were the first to introduce the clip less curling iron.

Another most lucrative feature is Ceramic barrel which helps to process perfect heat distribution. This best curling iron is able to give you the best classiest hairstyles.

This comprehensive curling iron set have perfect heating range, most of the case others failed to provide such heat as this iron. Most of the stylish women use this fantastic curling iron. This curling iron is also easy to handle. So this Curling Set is our First Choice to review. Continue Reading . . .

2. T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing Auto-Rotating Curling Iron

Among the curling irons available in the present market, the T3 Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing Auto-Rotating Curling Iron is outstanding for its single pass technology.

It is ok maintaining even heat across the barrel while curling your hair. Because of its T3 tourmaline and ceramic technology, infrared warm up that fasten in moisture and make away with frizz.

It also featured with sensing gyroscopic technology and with this technology you will be able to curl your hair with a simple turn of the wrist. The technologically equipped features have made the T3 Twirl curling iron a best curling iron among many others. Continue Reading . . .

3. SARAHPOTEMPA Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron

The SARAHPOTEMPA Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron is the style creating tools that is able to save your time and Give you a gorgeous look in a short span of time, especially when you have limited time to curl your hair.

It is best for its durability. With this pioneering hair curling iron you hardly have to keep your hair in the iron for five seconds and the curls gravely last all day.

It is easy to use, for operation need to select either left or right button to the head side you are working on & keep your hair in the iron nearly two inches from its last part, to release hair simply press clamp & release. Get desire hair style shortly with this perfect iron. Continue Reading . . .

4. Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron

Sedu Revolution Clipless is the most effective and modern curling iron sets on the market which have an exclusive ultra polished barrel for smooth, long lasting curl and innovative hair styling.

If you are looking for the best clip less iron then this is the one for you. From professional to newbies, everyone loves this, as it is easy to handle and easier to use.

With the feature of ultimate styling apparatus and adjustable temperature control one can easily shape their hair. Its unique ceramic barrel produces far infrared heat to revive moisture and protect the hair from damage.

Before taking any iron set you may have a look our research based on customers rating and review. Continue Reading . . .

5. Sultra the Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

Many hair curling irons are available in the current market, but when you go to purchase one for your personal use you will prefer the Sultra the Bombshell Rod Curling Iron.

It is a hair curling machine that is easy to use, wrap, release and repeats as well as it becomes rapid heat up and keep auto shut off with universal voltage.

It’s a fashionable dual heater thermaTru ceramic technology that produces steady heat from end to end and even all over the rod barrel of it.

If you want to create an outstanding hair look you should choose it because it is able to make your hair any style you want for any purpose or program. You will also find it a cost effective tool. Continue Reading . . .

Buying Guide : Things to Consider Before Buying

Before taking Buying Decision one should follow below things that will help you to choose the right curling Iron.

  • Getting a perfect one for your personal use is an issue when you will go to purchase a hair curling iron from the market. Size does matter, so pick the right one up for your daily use as various sizes are available in the market in its barrel.
  • You need to see the heating capability of the iron, if your hair amount is high, you need an iron with more heating capacity.
  • The quality of materials of the curling iron should be best for your soft and sensitive hair.
  • Work worthiness is important, because you may want to create various types of curls. So it should be capable of doing so.
  • The most important issue is that you must purchase an iron that is perfect for your hair size. If your hair is short you need the iron with small barrel, but for you long and thick hair the bigger barrel will be suitable for you.

So, by considering this significant issue you have to buy the best hair curling iron.

Final Word

Therefore, in the current market there are various types and kinds of hair curling iron available. They come with different sizes and prices and barrels of the curling iron has different sizes. From these wide variety you have to choose the best one for your personal use.

For perfect feedback from this tool, you must see the reviews and have to analyze the features of the irons. By considering the various characteristics and specifications, you will be able to buy a best curling iron from the current market.